House Prices at their Lowest

mortgageJanuary has Proven to be the hardest on the faltering housing market as home prices have gone further down rattling even the staunchest investors. Which goes to say that the worst is still to come. Many who have been hoping of getting better prices for the homes they are selling have long given up hopes and they have to settle with the highest bidders even at the lowest prices.
All tactics are going into play including extreme ones that advertise homes for as low as $1 on eBay. The federal government has issued many warnings regarding scams for they have been noted to have increased by 26% which is attributed to the current financial crisis. Recovery if it is coming is taking a bit longer than expected, just hope mortgage rates continue to drop which seems to be the only good news in the troubled housing market. Consumers are warned of the many online scams that are victimizing eager home buyers who are taking advantage of the current price drop, by following well established procedures and dealing only with authorized brokers.

Consider the Size of your Property

Potential property buying includes a lot of considerations. And I think foremost of these is size. Size is one of those things that are essential in defining your space. Depending on whether you plan to live as a bachelor or with your family, size allocation will matter.

No person wants to live in a sardine-like setting (you know, when you’re all stuffed into one single small space). As much as possible, you will want a whole wide space to move in. Cramped living is simply a big mistake these days and if you are not careful, you may regret buying the said property.

Most people have varying demands when it comes to property investments. You just have do put them into perspective before consummating a deal.

Designing your Dream House

The first step we typically do when designing a new house is listing all the features and amenities we wanted to have. How many bedrooms? How large the dining area? How many windows at the living room? How many comfort room? Etc. Most people, however, quickly realize that their budget doesn’t match the seemingly endless extras they’d like to have in their dream house. Thus, it important that you determine how much amount of money you can manage to spend.

It is very advisable to seek for home builder’s assistance so you can have idea of what particular home features you can afford, most especially if money matters to you and you are in the budget. Home builder can help you know what you can get out of your money.

Some of these extra features that you may want to consider in designing your home may include extra bathrooms, balcony of the master bedroom, al fresco dining area, home theater system, vaulted ceilings, custom cabinetry, multi-vehicle garage, home office and even some beautiful green garden.

Some Things You Can Do in the Meantime

The real estate market is picking up again, has been for the past couple of years. That is a good sign that the economy is slowly recovering. But this doesn’t mean it is easy to sell a house, that you can do this as easily as it was done a decade ago, or that you can splurge.

Budget and being economical is still the way people think today and this goes for marketing your home for sale. One of the things you can do for yourself, and even up to a year or two before hard core plans to sell firm up, is to repaint your house inside and outside.

Repainting is a job you can do on your own, with friends, or by a pro (if you are willing to spend a bit more). A good quality paint job can make your house look brand new up until two years so make sure not to do this too early. Because of this, it is also an economical way to add value to your property.

Basic Investment Tips

Investing in anything can be a stressful thing. After all, anything that requires you dropping money is a source of some stress. Yes, things are looking better than a few years ago, but no one is out of the woods yet. So when it comes to owning property, you really need to sit down and think about things. It is a good thing that there are some simple and basic investment tips or guidelines to go by especially when it comes to investing in property.

When looking at places or areas to buy property, look at demand through prices of property themselves. If homes are expensive, this is likely a reflection of demand. Similarly, if you look in suburban areas on the outskirts of these areas in high demand, you will probably find their prices lower. It would be wise to invest in those areas that are lower in price but may be high demand later. One way to know this would be to look at taxes and school statistics.

Green in Your Condo

If you live in a condominium will no doubt have encountered something a lot of condo dwellers think is a problem- the incorporating of a but of green in the home. Having a garden all to yourself is something you give up when you decide to live in a condo. The common areas are designed to make up for the fact that condo owners cannot have their own patches of land to tend to. But, you can still get some green in the home in spite of this.

Choose spots around the house where you would like a planter or two and do the research on plants that need little sunlight and water to survive. These are the plants best suited for condo living. If you have a balcony, you have more freedom in choosing these plants. Depending on size and location, you can even grow veggies in pots.

It is entirely possible to have plants in your home. You just have to research on the ones that are indoor friendly and then be a bit creative about placement.

Use the Love This Month

Just as ambiance and mood is important to make a romantic date successful, a job interview memorable, a gig or concert intimate or huge, it is also important in marketing your house as THE home your buyers want. There are so many homes up for sale that it is hard to make yours stand out. This is even more so the case if your home is not a mansion, or you cannot afford upkeep or remodeling to make it more appealing for sale. You are left with what you have and, make no mistake, a lot of homes have bees successfully sold on what these have alone.

Rearranging furniture, cleaning out windows, putting fresh pillowcases, and washing out the rig are some ways to brighten the home. But little personal tidbits you are willing to set out for display also add an irreplaceable touch. Using the love month in putting strategically placed floral arrangements and pictures of a loving couple or family are other ways to make your home appealing in ways money cannot buy. Use the love month to add that personal touch that can close a sale on your house.

Guide to Seasonal Buying or Selling

If you are someone looking to either drop some money on a new house or earn an amount through the sale of a house, you may be wondering whether winter months or the beginning of the calendar year is a good time to buy or sell. Well, lots of folks will present arguments for or against selling in particular during the cold months of the year so let’s present these in a nutshell.


Some people say this is actually a good time in the year to sell a house because of three main things: interest rates are low, mortgage rates are low, and there are people who are actually actively looking to buy a house at this time of the year. These points may make sales move and faster than anticipated.

Those against selling at this time state the harsh weather naming a hindrance for viewing and the general preoccupation with holiday activities and spending as diversions from buying any real estate.

The best way to decide is always to look at the market in your area for yourself and to always actively market you property for anyone who may be ready to close that deal.

Is December House Buying Month?

When the last quarter of the year rolls in, people become more and more conscious of make sales and prepping budgets for major shopping trips. This can be the same for home buying and selling. A lot of folks who want to own a home before the end of the year use the fact that it is the end of the year to make sales.


For independent home sellers, the desire to finally make their home sell may be enough of an incentive to better entertain buyers, listen to offers, and be more amenable to negotiations. For real estate brokers, the fact that numbers need to be met and sales have to be moved and closed by certain deadlines also make some eager to move property. If you are looking at a house that is owned or handled by individuals operating under these wants, you may be in luck, and December may be a lucky home ownership month for you.

Become A Real Estate Bird Dog To Reach Success In No Money Down Investing!

Real Estate Bird Dog Training

There are a few things that you must learn in order to be successful at real estate investing.  The fastest way to achieve maximum success in real estate is start from a level where you don’t have to invest much cash into finding your way.   Becoming a real estate bird dog teaches you how to find properties, locate buyers and put the whole process together.

In today’s real estate market there is a huge opportunity for those new investors, property locators or real estate bird dogs.   Homes are going into foreclosure and those owners need help to stop their foreclosure and there are plenty of buyers looking for great deals.  That is why being a real estate bird dog is the perfect solution for new investors to learn the ropes.

A few things you must know to be successful at real estate bird dogging:

Find Buyers Locate Sellers Present the Information

Finding your Buyers

The first thing you should do is build your buyers list of investors that are currently looking for good deals.   Your buyers equal the cash you need to close any good deal you may find.  You should want at least 20 serious buyers to unload any properties you find.  There are so many ways to find buyers for you deals and a few are to place your own ad in the newspaper, place an ad on craigslist to find some buyers as well as backpage.

A good real estate bird dog is as good as the buyers on your list. You can find buyers by also linking up with an investor that can show you the ropes.

Locate Sellers

Once you have your buyers lined up you want to come up with some  products to show them.  Any good deal you find is your money so you need to get very good at finding deals for your buyers.  There is an abundant of buyers in this market because now all the bargain hunters are out looking for killer deals. 

A few ways to find your sellers are the newspaper, for sale signs in the yard, and placing your own ads in the newspaper and on craigslist.  The best way to produce leads is from the use of the internet, if you don’t have a good internet presence then you can work with someone that has already put in the grunt work.  In order to have a good flow of real estate leads you need to have as much marketing going at once.

Presenting your Deals

Now that you have your buyer and a property for your buyer, as an efficient real estate bird dog, you want to have everything laid out for your buyer.  The reason you want to present your deals to your buyers is first and foremost you want to look professional.  Professionals get paid more than those that shoot from the hip. You have to package your deals to make you look like a professional bird dog that knows your local real estate market.

A few things you want to have together for your buyer to ensure more than $500 per deal are as followed:

Property Address Asking Price Location of city Type of house Pictures outside are ok (preferably inside as well) Pictures of houses in the neighborhood A brief assessment of the house Email Account Internet Access

Provide all of those into a package and you will ensure that your buyers will love it when you come around because all they have to do is research the numbers and tell you if there is a deal or not.


You can make some really good cash if you master how to place buyers and sellers in the same room so you can step in to make a quick profit.  Once you learn everything you need to learn about your local real estate market, you can start to dictate how much money you make for the month.